An Easy Summer Schedule….

Although the past month (June) has seen enough work to keep me busy, I’m finding that none of it can yet be released (in its entirety) for my own self-promotional work, alas.  About all that I can show are innocuous portions of the images, and the buildings themselves will have to wait.

Here’s a detail from a recent daytime pencil sketch which was retro-colored digitally to read as a complementary evening view.  I edited the foreground (cars, mainly) digitally also, so that the entourage from the daytime image to the evening shot would read differently.

3x8 Detail from a 16x18 pencil rendering, originally done as a day-time sketch, edited and reworked in color digitally to read as an evening view.

A detail here from a large suite of pencils which i executed in early May.  This was a color study I did, even though the client need was for gray scale pencil.  The color in this case is from the digital model I used, which was textured and lit in order to give me some subtle colored daylighting, bounced light from the sky and ground, and a base color for the building.  Detail is maybe 4 inches wide …

Detail from one image in a suite of seven exteriors; pencil over a digital model.

An interior sketch was part of the suite also, but severe last-minute design changes made the image essentially moot.  It was a fairly formal illustration, modeled digitally and with highly specific furnishings, but as is only rarely the case, the day it was finished, the architect had completely revised the scheme.

A small portion of an interior sketch done as a part of a suite of pencils. This detail perhaps 5x7

The detail below is of a sculpture court yard, from an exterior color formal rendering, and is about 3 inches wide from an original of 11×17.  An exterior and interior rendering were required, and relied heavily on the model for finding color in the ambient lighting and shadows.

Detail from a digital color rendering done with an eye to softening the image and keeping the evidence of the human hand in the process.

May was a little slow by the standards of last year, but as I was long ago advised by Frank Costantino, a guru of architectural illustration, whenever you have down time, don’t say it’s a lack of work, call it “vacation”.  I spent the two weeks of “vacation” I had doing some much needed work around the house.  I finally got the chance to put up some trimwork and wood guttering around the porch which is the roof of our garage, in anticipation of a new carriage house door which should be here in a few weeks. It’s a heavy five-quarter fascia with a second fascia of 1×8, a continuous fir gutter, and a 3/4 inch cove molding under the gutter.  Nice and beefy, and in keeping with the 20’s era cottage that is our house.  The existing rails will come down and be rebuilt in wood.  …depending on whether August is slow or not, I guess.

What a frustrated architect does when he has time to break out the chop saw and hammer. Still some work to do at the jambs, and some finish painting...

Having practiced architecture for the past two decades, and knowing many architects as colleagues and friends, I can attest to the fact that a good many of us suffer from the professional habit of designing and building (or often trying to build) our own projects.  This one came off pretty good I think, and helped me get over the awkward feeling of not having any work for the two weeks when I was able to do this.  Weather was perfect, and I got to actually enjoy stepping out of the studio.  We’ll see how the rest of the year goes.  …come on, economy,  get moving.

As a one-man shop, I really need to be able to handle a variety of things that have the potential to derail my schedule.  This Monday and Tuesday I spent the better part of each day fixing my computer.  I run a BOXX workstation, and it is the workhorse of my digital images. It wouldn’t boot Monday morning. At all.  Got the fabled “blue screen of death” and then would restart.  Well, after much googling, I solved it.  Only to find that it wouldn’t now actually shut down.  Some more quick googling, and I narrowed it to a bum DVD drive holding memory and not “telling” the CPU all was well and that it was ok to shut down.  With help from BOXX tech support (answering from Texas on the first ring, mind you), a FREE replacement DVD drive was Fed-exed to me the next day.  I swapped the old for new, and the computer was good to go.

As luck would have it, I took this week off, otherwise I’d have had to handle that during a work week.  I’m also on-deck this week for an Adobe Creative Suite 5 update, an OS update (to Windows7 64-bit from XP 64bit), and an upgrade of my Cinema 4D software. Trying to get the house in order for July, which should be busy….

So, not a lot that I can show from the past two months, and no work at all in May other than my own hammer swinging efforts.  Still, it’s the first time in two years I have what passes for a tan…. So there’s that. Have a great Fourth of July.


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  1. Love the cove & gutters (13.50 lin.ft.) as much as the rendering, lighting and writings. Muchas gracias! Downtime is an interesting subject (I design & build so it is a syncopated subject from where I sit). Took Frank at GSD 20 + yrs ago & still hear the traffic in his scenery. As I was looking at the “interior sketch,” Constantino-meets-Van Allsburg came to mind. I always wished Frank would do a book and now I wish you would too (or have you).
    Very Best

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